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Tuesday, December 26, 2006


1 large Yangjaegi or BAPTONG/metal bowl

1 bowl cooked RICE
1 cooked EGG, sunny side up (OR some people like a raw egg yolk)
1 tbsp. seseme OIL (more or less according to personal preference)
1 tbsp. GOCHOOJANG (more or less according to personal preference)
1 handful of chopped romaine LETTUCE
1 spoonful of chopped KIMCHEE

(for the following ingredients... it can vary a lot, besides the gogi (which is optional), try to stick with namool-type of banchans)

1 spoonful of BANCHAN #1 chopped cooked gogi (I used leftover boolgogi once)
1 spoonful of BANCHAN #2 chopped spinach namool or kongnamool
1 spoonful of BANCHAN #3 chopped doraji (root) namool


Now, just put all the above ingredients in the metal bowl... mix well so sesame oil and gochoojang is thoroughly incorporated... and EAT!!! The above recipe is for one serving, but this meal is even better when another serving is made and eaten with a buddy out of the SAME bowl at the same time. Remember, if you need that extra kick add more gochoojang! Since this is a dish that you tend to wolve down savage-style, it would be ideal if you had some kind of gookmool on the side to help wash everything down. If not a cup of refreshing water will do the job.

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